Lifeguards Playa Ventanas

In 2017, for the first time ever, lifeguards were placed at Playa Ventanas. I’ve been visting Playa Ventanas for over twelve years, and on one hand, it is great to see this new level of safety. On the other hand, the reason for it, is that Playa Ventanas is more popular than ever with more visitors and guests coming every month than the month before. I guess having lifeguards playa ventanas is, indeed, a great thing…plus I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man!! But it was nice to visit the beach in the past and find, at most, twenty other people there.

The schedule for the lifeguards, as told to me by a lifeguard, is Saturday and Sunday during the low season; every day of the week during the high season starting in January 2018.

One great thing about the new lifeguards here at Playa Ventanas is that they are on constant vigilance with the north edge of the beach. There is a natural tide that pushes guests, especially kids, towards the jagged rocks. In fact, many times I’ve had to get my kids to “Move back to the middle of the beach!” after the tide has gently pushed them northward.

I now enjoy visiting Playa Ventanas by myself, without the worry of having something bad happen to me (in terms of being crushed by a wave or being pulled out by an undertow). Before the lifeguards were there, I would simply walk on the beach by myself…now I can enjoy the water.

Come on down! Enjoy this beautiful Costa Rica beach! It’s now safer than ever thanks to lifeguards playa ventanas. Pura vida!